Makauwahi Cave Reserve

The Makauwahi Cave Reserve is an active archaeological site on the south shore of Kauai. You cab access the cave reserve by driving Poipu Rd. to the ranch or by hiking the Mahaulepu Trail along the coast east of Poipu. The reserve serves as a bridge to additional beaches past the coastal bluffs. If you drive, park on the inland side of the ranch and its arena used for local rodeos. As you walk the trail, you look down on what appears to be a closed in green space. It is in fact the main cave roof that has collapsed, opening it up to the sky. You enter the cave at the eastern end through narrow tunnel under rock. there is a locked gate only open during specific times as their is an active archaeological site and holds valuable information on early life on the island. The remaining cave still stretches underneath the rock to the west.

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