It is not hard to see why Charleston is a great destination for families, couples, or individuals who are seeking fun, adventure, and great food. Soul food, sea food, and good for the planet food converge in this city where kitchen gardens are common and flavors fusions bridge continents.

Water is an integral part of the Charleston experience. Rent a kayak and watch the pelicans fly inches above the oceans surface, or surf the swells with the whales.

Shopping is a joy when you stroll down King Street, which is lined with apparel stores, antique stores, cozy cafes, art galleries and jewelry shops.

In all, Charleston’s historical charm and vibrant culture makes it an amazing destination!

Greening the City of Charleston is has been assigned to the City staff Green Team and the Charleston Green Committee (CGC). Being on the coast, Charleston residents and leaders have recognized the vulnerability of their location from climate change (intensification of storms) punctuated by Hurricane Hugo’s passage through the area. In 2005, Mayor Riley Jr. of Charleston signed the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement and committed the City of Charleston to e a 7% reduction of CO2 emissions by 2012.

Launching a Green Initiative, the City has embarked on a path towards sustainability with the goal of making Charleston a better place to live, work and play. On Earth Day 2008, a list of twelve first steps towards sustainability was sent to the City Council. And in February 2010, the Charleston Green Plan was completed. The Plan provides an integrated community-wide approach to sustainability and a guide to address climate change.

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