Wisconsin has much to offer in the way of wilderness escapes, cultural experiences, and historical learning opportunities. With a plethora of ecological landscapes, one can explore the glacial plains of the Southeast, the forests and highlands of the North, and the coastal shores of Lake Michigan all in one fabulous state.

Furthermore, Wisconsin deeply experiences each season and has corresponding activities for families of all ages. In the winter, one can cross-country ski or snowshoe in Door county. Spring features blossoming botanical gardens and farmers markets. In the summertime, a family can paddle down a quiet river or camp in Devil’s Lake State Park. Nothing can beat the scenic beauty of the colorful foliage of autumn.

Wisconsin is home to many environmentally minded individuals who care for the wonderful natural gifts that the land has to offer, and in many areas there are ecologically-friendly places to stay, things to eat, and ways to get around.

  • Wisconsin features a rich color palette that shifts from season to season.

    Photo Courtesy of Wisconsin Tourism.com
  • Door County Peninsula is a slice of heaven enveloped in water.

    Photo courtesy of Travel Wisconsin.com
  • Even during the winter, Madisonians find a way to get out on the Lake!

    Photo Courtesy of Travel Wisconsin.com
  • The Milwaukee Art Museum is a work of art itself, inside and out.

    Photo Courtesy of Travel Wisconsin.com
  • Wisconsin offers fun outdoor activities for the whole family!

    Photo courtesy of Travel Wisconsin.com

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